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How sustainability can be a business potential for startups

How sustainability can be a business potential for startups

onsdag d. 18. november 2020


mandag d. 16. november 2020 kl. 10:00


Arrangementet vil foregå på Zoom. 

Impact driven business 2020

How sustainability can be a business potential!  

The world is currently facing challenges such as climate change, pollution and poverty that cannot be solved with traditional business models. New ways of thinking and developing business are needed.

IMPACT-driven businesses are an important part of this change. They build on SDGs – the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals – which in a very short time have become something everyone around the world is talking about.

With this event, we want to focus on the local IMPACT startups in Aarhus and will also take a broader look on some of our closest neighbors. Are you working with sustainability and business development, be sure to get a seat!! There will be limited seats and online streaming.


16.00-16.10: Welcome

16.10-16.30: Introduction to The State of Nordic Impact Startups
Danske Bank, Mikkel Skott Olsen, Head of +Impact

16.30-17.00: Fra filantropi til forretning- business opportunities
Erik Thomas Johnson, Head of Sustainable Business Development,  Dansk Industri

17.00-17.20: Coffee Break

17.20-17.45: Upcycling Forum – how we work with SDGs and how it influenced our journey! Rasmus Falkenberg, CEO Upcycling Forum

17.45-18.00: Q&A session 

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